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150+ Coolest Homemade Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

Celebrate the greatest holiday by paying tribute to Halloween Town. If you love the classic movie, you need one of these Nightmare Before Christmas costumes. Capture the passion of the film with one of these costumes. Even better than wearing these costumes, is the joy in creating them. Discover the awesome homemade costume tutorials here to make your own!

Get inspiration for the coolest Jack Skellington costume. Check out all the different variations featured here. Each one brings out a different aspect of the Pumpkin King. Both old and young people will enjoy wearing one of these unique costumes.

You will also find extremely convincing Oogie Boogie costumes here. In addition, of course, you will see homemade costumes featuring Sally. Read the tutorials of how they were all created.

So take a look at these Nightmare Before Christmas costumes for your movie inspired homemade costume this Halloween.


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