This was my first time attempting to make a costume. And because I have 2 kids..I wanted the costumes to complement each other. I was surprised when both my kids told me they wanted to be none other than Jack Skellington..Now they’d been watching the movie almost every day a month before Halloween. I just wasn’t sure if I could pull off making the costumes..because I searched a lot of jack costumes and they just didn’t have that “Jack face” I was looking for. I almost gave up and bought some regular costumes from party city but that’s just not me. All my friends know I’m always going over the top and esp for Halloween. This is my favorite holiday they have to spectacular!!

My first task was Jack head..I figure I should figure this out since it’ll probably be the hardest task and most time consuming. I drew out a Jack skellington facial expression that I really liked on a small ball about the size of my oldest daughter head and covered if it with plaster of paris to make the mask. After it dried I glued on white stretchy fabric and drew on the smile with fabric paint. The eyes were done by gluing black stocking material to cover the eye holes to see and breathe. And I just pinned on a Santa hat. The pinstripe suit..was just and old suit i found. I tailored it to her size and did a little cutting and sewing to make it look like Jacks suit. The bat tie was done by cutting out the bat shaped in black felt paper and using bendable wire in the back to keep it in place. I drew the face on with fabric paint. Add some black boots and skeleton gloves and you’ve got Jack.

Sally was a little easier to make. For Sally’s dress I actually guy some cheap felt material together using fabric glue! I know I could have easily sewn it together with fabric material but I was trying to save money and I’m not the best with sewing..I cut out the patterns and used one of my daughters’ old dress to help with the sizing. After the dress was assembled I simply drew the patterns on the dress with a black fabric paint. They bluish stockings on her arms and legs are regular white stocking that i dipped into a mixture of blue food coloring and water. I just let it dry out side without squeezing too much of the color out. I painted her face the same color as the stockings and drew the Sally face with black liquid eyeliner. Then I just add the wig and some black and white socks.

I’m really glad I decided to do this project. It was fun..and I learn some things myself doing it. I’m a full time student so I definitely had to find time where I barely had any to work on the costumes but it was totally worth it. Every year my town have a downtown trick-or-treater night.I took the kids and received so many compliments. I just didn’t think it would be a big deal. Everyone was taking pics. They even got a big pic posted in the local newspaper. We also attended a Halloween party where Jack won 1st place for best costume. Sally was not feeling the makeup or the wig that day so she did not compete at all.

I really enjoyed making these costumes and can’t wait to do more. I just don’t know how I’m going to top those costumes next year because they awesome!