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Homemade Jack and Sally Halloween Couple Costume

This is what my boyfriend and me wore for Halloween last year. We got loads of compliments and my boyfriend even won first prize for his.

Sally Costume:

The Sally costume started out as a long floral patterned top. I then watched The Nightmare Before Christmas a few times and then worked out the general layout and colors of the pieces of fabric. All of the pieces were made from old tshirts and the black parts were made from an old pair of leggings that I never wore. I then cut them all out and sewn them on. I don’t have a sewing machine so this took AGES!

For the patterns on Sally’s dress I just used a sharpie and drew them freehand. For the make up I used snazoroo paint in blue and just kept putting it on all over my body until I thought I was the right color (you might need someone to help you do your back). For my make up on my face I used the same blue snazaroo apart from my eyelids. I then used white snazaroo to do up to my eyebrows and then a big black dot on my eyelids (I couldn’t find black face paint so I used a black marker), so when I shut my eyes it looked like I had massive Sally eyes. I then used the marker to draw the stitches on my face, arms, legs and neck. I tried to match it to the film as best as I could. I didn’t have a red lipstick so i used a bright red lip liner instead.

You can’t really see in the pictures but I sprayed my hair red, to match Sally’s in the film, but because my hair is naturally really dark brown it didn’t really show up. I couldn’t find any shoes like Sally’s so I just finished if off with a pair of dolly shoes and added stitches and blue paint to the tops of my feet as well.

Jack Costume:

For the Jack costume we started out with a black suit and a white shirt my boyfriend already had, then we got some Taylors chalk and drew all the vertical lines all over the costume (this is his best suit and we wanted it to wash out). For the gloves Matty spray painted two cardboard hand shapes white and then drew skeleton fingers on, then glues them to a pair of black gloves. The bat necklace was originally a pair of swimming goggles with the actual goggle pieces taken off. Then Matty cut out a cardboard bat shape and spray painted it black then duck taped the goggles strap to the back of the bat shape and voila! Bat necklace.

The head was the most trickiest part. I started by paper maching a beach ball. I think I used about 6 coats. The plan was to let the beach ball down after and then slide the head off but it was stuck so in the end Matty had to cut the beach ball out (RIP beach ball). He then cut a hole just a bit bigger than his head in the bottom of it then (with a picture as a reference) drew and then cut out the eye shapes. He then used a toilet paper to paper mache the eyebrows, mouth and nose details on. He left it to try for a couple of days and then spray painted the whole thing white. He then used a pair of tights to cover the inside of the eyes, which he super glued into place. On the inside he attached a hard hat with superglue to stop the whole thing wobbling around on his head.


1. We had a couple of problems when making these outfits. When Matty puts the head on it is really hard to see out of the eye holes, in a dark room it is near impossible. I’d recommend using a more transparent material for the eyes than black tights.

2. Also because we used Taylor chalk it was almost all rubbed off by the end of the night. If you’ve got a suit that you don’t mind wrecking use white paint instead.

3. As you can see I was completely blue which meant pretty much everything I touched was also blue: My phone, purse, bag, other people (you get the idea). Also black marker is hard to get off. If you’re not prepared to scrub I’d buy face paint.

4. And finallyyy… Because of obvious hair, face, body colour I had to get in shower before I got in bed. So depending on your drunk, tiredness, laziness levels this is something to keep in mind (or maybe risk it and hope it comes off your bed when you wash your sheets).

Thank you for looking at our costumes. I hope it will help you create your own Nightmare Before Christmas outfits.


Homemade Jack and Sally Halloween Couple Costume

Homemade Jack and Sally Halloween Couple Costume

Homemade Jack and Sally Halloween Couple Costume

Homemade Jack and Sally Halloween Couple Costume

Homemade Jack and Sally Halloween Couple Costume

Homemade Jack and Sally Halloween Couple Costume

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