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Cool Monsters Inc. Mike Wazoski Toddler DIY Costume

Mike Wazoski is watched a lot around here. My 2 year old loves Disney Monsters, Inc and Monsters University. We asked what he wanted to be this year for Halloween, and he chose Mike! This was a difficult costume to make. I wanted my son to look the part, but I also had to think of warmth and comfort for a 2 year old (so no globe shapes for this little guy). I didn’t have a pattern, but did find some other ideas of what others have done in the past.

I used lime green fleece for his arms and body. Because I didn’t have a pattern, I had to make several adjustments and trial runs before we got it right. I made two circles in the felt and sewed them together, leaving a hole in the top and bottom for his neck and legs. the two circles sewn together created wing like flaps, rather than a circle figure and it didn’t look right, so I decreased the angle of the circle which made it fit him much better. I then created straps with the same material so there were places for his arms to go, and for Mike’s horns. I used felt for the horns and felt for the eye and mouth/teeth. I used common house hold items to trace circles for the eyes.

I bought lime green leggings from a used clothing store, and they were the perfect lime green Mike color. We had to make sure that the costume is warm. I then found a hard hat at a consignment shop and spray painted it light blue. I made a Monsters Inc logo and printed and glued it onto the hat. I wanted his costume to coordinate well, so I found a lime green pumpkin and painted a Mike Wazoski face on one side, so he could trick or treat in style! He wouldn’t let that bucket go and he loved his costume! He wanted to wear Mike all day.

I made my husband a Sully sweater and made him a hard hat like my sons as well. The sweater vest was very hard to make and I used teal and purple yarn and sewed it onto the vest. I went as the little girl Boo and made a large pink oversized shirt by sewing. I used purple tights and oversized socks, and put my hair in pigtails with little girl rubber bands to finish the part. I also drew a crayon picture of the scary monster, Randall, and a happy picture of Boo and ‘Kitty’ or Sully. We had soo much fun being this Monster family!

Cool Monsters Inc. Mike Wazoski Toddler DIY Costume

Cool Monsters Inc. Mike Wazoski Toddler DIY Costume

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