Each year our family does a haunted house for the trick or treaters.  This past year we chose Monsters Inc.  Each year the kids suggest this theme but because the costumes are not available we have pushed them towards another idea.  I finally bit the bullet and started sewing.

After many, many weeks I built MIke Wizowski out of pvc pipe and lycra fabric.  It took several try’s but I think I finally got it.  Sully, was actually not as hard to make but working with that heavy fabric made it more difficult.  Celia was a lot of fun and Boo is just darling. What can you say.  Turned out to be one of our best haunted houses ever.  We painted a dozen doors and created the bathroom scene where Sully tries to get rid of the mobile in the toilets.  We even had real toilets and stahls.  It was a great event.  Now on to this year’s festivities.