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Adorable Boo and Sully from Monsters Inc. Toddler and Child Costumes

I have a sweet 1 year old and a BIG (9 yr old) brother. She was a shoo-in for Boo. She looks a lot like her anyways. But when he decided to go along with her costume the madness began. Buying them wasn’t an option so here ya go:


First, I measured the length & approx. width. (I wanted it long enough that she would sorta waddled but so she could still walk). I made a rectangle shape out of purple fabric. Stuffed it and sewed it into 4 strips. I cut out 2 holes for her arms and sewed in silver sleeves. The black closed with Velcro. The hood was removable, but surprisingly she actually wore it. I cut up a mop and sewed the strip to the top of the hood. The ‘eyes’ were Styrofoam balls colored black with a marker and googly eyes sewn on. I also attached white felt for her teeth. Underneath she wore purple leggings and a pink top just like Boo. She was so warm in the costume. It was maybe 40 degrees trick-or-treat night and she was sweating. Less stuffing for warmer climates.


First, we had to find ‘fur’. It doesn’t exist. So, we bought white fur! I cut out a ‘pattern’ from one of his hoodies and a pair of pants. I added a little extra length (so I could make it a full suit), extra to the end of the pants to cover his shoes, and an opening in the back (I would later sew Velcro in it). I also had traced his hands to make his gloves. Then, we put it in a huge bucket of blue dye and let it soak! And let it soak and let it soak and let it soak! SERIOUSLY! Every few days we would stir it and check the color, but it took 3 weeks to get it to that color. Nobody tells you fur doesn’t dye. Start early! After that it was fairly simply. 2 silver horns (same material as Boo’s arms) sewn onto the hood. We bought fabric spray dye/paint in purple to make his spots. We also sprayed rectangular sponges and cut them in half. Then, super glued them to down his back and tail. Oh, his tail I almost forgot. I cut it, stuffed it (we found that crumpled newspaper worked best, and attached it to his butt (sewn on of course).

All together, (minus 3 weeks of dyingh Sully’s fur) it took me about 3 days of working on it off and on to get it all finished. Probably less then 12 hours for someone who doesn’t have to continually chase a walking baby.

We got so many comments on their costumes as we went. Everyone recognized them and we even passed another child dressed in a store bought sully costume who told his mom that my kids were the ‘real’ ones. So, we put them in a costume contest and they won that too!! So, I guess they were a huge hit!!

*** That was all in the first year. The second year, the costumes we bought (ughhh….) one piece ripped when we went to put it on to trick-or-treat…. after lots of tears and drama, both kids decided to wear Sully and Boo again. They were just as big of a hit the second year as they were the first. Bonus, they still fit them, too!!!


Adorable Boo and Sully from Monsters Inc. Toddler and Child Costumes

Adorable Boo and Sully from Monsters Inc. Toddler and Child Costumes

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