This was my first year ever making homemade costumes. I’ve done the makeup before but nothing like this! My 3 kids wanted to be the characters from Monsters Inc. So this is Boo, her brother was Mike and her sister was Sully.

We started the job by hunting down the fabric. First we would raid the toy isles and collect as many Boo dolls or packaging with Boo on it and bring it over to the fabric department. Then we (my Mom helped!) would go up and down the fabric aisles comparing them. Finally we found the bold purple color with hints of sparkles and new that was the one! We bought the material, black and white felt, and a gray long sleeve shirt and pants set.

We sewed suction cups to the arms of the gray shirt to replicate the look from the movie. Then we sewed Boo’s outfit. We made it a tank top/tunic/something! We stuffed “rings” around it. For the head we used a big plastic pumpkin and cut out the face. Then we glued the fabric to the pumpkin and pierced it with thick wires and attached smooth Styrofoam balls (for the eyes). We used a mop for the hair, just like in the movie, and glued felt teeth on to the pumpkin and Voila!

We entered the kids into the Welling Fall Festival. The most exciting part was all the attention they got from the other kids. They were delighted to have been asked to take pictures, give hugs, and high fives to all the other little ones! Then they won first place in the costume contest!