These costumes were definitely fan favorites! They took a long time for me to make, but were so worth it in the end!

I made my Mike Wazowski costume out of spray insulation foam, a giant beach ball, a men’s 6XL tee shirt, Styrofoam, paint, and felt.

I made my daughter’s Boo costume out of purple fabric, batting, a mop, Styrofoam, and felt. This was the easiest of the three costumes by far! I

And lastly, I made my husband’s Sully costume out of blue fur fabric, purple fur fabric, and stuffing! I didn’t take good pictures of the process but I basically bought him a sweatshirt and pajama pants that fit well to use as a pattern. I cut up the blue fur fabric to match the pajama set and then sewed it all together. For the tale, I kind of free-handed it, but it ended up working great! I then had to hand-sew on all the purple fur spots, which took forever! So I’d recommend doing that first with your machine, before sewing the body all together, if you can! I might do a tutorial post for his costume as well.