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Coolest Celia, Boo and Sully Costumes Mom and Daughter

I have a 2 year old daughter who everyone told me she should be Boo from Monsters Inc. The plan was Daddy be Sully, Mommy to be Celia and Aya to be Boo with a Mike Wazowski doll that I made out of an old t-shirt and felt. We watched Monsters Inc.  over and overt till she believed she was the character in the movie. When it got closer to Halloween I would ask her, “You are going to be Boo right?” she would reply, “Yes, mommy Rea Rea!”

I looked at her with confusion, but ignored it. I made her Boo costume using 3x old t-shirts and a torn old dress. She watched anxiously while I while I would complete the costume, and she looked at me and said, “No, Mommy Rea Rea!” I had know idea what she was talking about. I even asked a few family members and friends who would watch her occasionally if they knew what this meant, but no one knew. It was not till I was looking at a pictures of the character Celia she pointed out to me, ” Mommy Rea, Rea!” Oh, you mean Celia! Yes, Celia Rea, Rea! Those big brown eyes I just had to make her the Celia costume. She really wanted purple snake hair that would rattle. So, what could I be now? Daddy said I could be Dean Hardscrabble, which I said that would be cool.  Before I could finish that costume, my husband told me he would not be able to go trick-o-treating with us since they where short handed at work. I was shocked after making his Sully outfit I turned to him and said, ” I guess I’ll be a Female Sully then!”

So I started ripping the sully costume apart to create a more famine Sully by using one arm for a pocket, cutting the legs off to use as leg warmers the other arm for gloves, and the other sleeve I made a cute short tail. Aya and I were a great team that Halloween night. If we were not together the older crowd would say cool Medusa, but she defended herself and yell out , “No Celia from Monsters Inc.” It was pretty funny seeing a 2 year old swing her Mike Wazowski at strangers. We ended up using the Boo costume in the daytime and Celia at night. I hope next year daddy can join in on the fun.

Boo Costume:

2x Wire hangers (eyes and hood) Used wire cutters to use for desired length . Hood I stuck the wire through the seam. The wire for the eyes bent into a flat U and hot glued them to a purple head band. Note: make two holes for the wire to go through so you can place the eye on top. I like having these separate because of traveling in car seat she could where here head gear.

2/3 colors of Shredded T-shirts (for hair) I cut each piece about 1/2” wide across the bodice of the T-shirt pulled them so they would curl and give it some body. Then trimmed each to desired length.

Purple fabric: I outlined another dress to create pattern

White Sheer or Solid fabric (for arms) If you look at the picture the sleeves are not sewn all the way, but up to where her elbow bends. This I did so when she eats the sleeves would not get all messy.

Leggings: I bought at Walmart.

Celia Costume:

Purple tank top: I used the support band has the head band, sewed 5 rows about 2” wide with a seam allowance across the bodice. Used the shoulder strap for her chin strap to hold the head piece in place. Each snake I stuffed with Poly fill and wire hanger to shape it. Each snake could rattle. I did this by cutting drinking straws about 1 1/2” long and filled them ¼ with uncooked rice . Make sure to place this in the bottom/ snake head. Hot glued red ribbon for the tongue and googly eyes . I should have sewn the tongue in, but hey hot glue works.

Eye: White, Blue and Black Felt. Hot glued each shape together and used a sharpie for the purple to give it more realistic. Eye lid is a scrap from the tank top seam and Eye lash not sure what is cold but is that black foam I just curled using a pencil and hot glued it in place.

Green Fluffy neckline: is sheer fabric I used from an old bathing suit

Dress: I wanted to use sequence, but she said it was to itchy so we went with this fabric using a Velcro closure.

Sully Costume:

Cut his legs and arms off to create leg warmers, gloves and tail. Used one sleeve for a pocket for my phone . Crochet beanie with blue and purple yarn, wire, and 4 toilet rolls. Ruffles on the bottom of the dress is one of those bath scrubs taken apart , did a gather stitch and sewed it on. Spots where made with purple sharpie.  

Coolest Celia, Boo and Sully Costumes Mom and Daughter

Coolest Celia, Boo and Sully Costumes Mom and Daughter

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