I wanted to do a couples costume that I had never seen before. I started brain storming about different things from my childhood and Mr. Owl and Tootsie Pop came to me.

I started searching for a tootsie pop tank top or shirt. I came across the Tootsie Pop tank dress. I decided to go with cherry for obvious reasons. I got a red tutu to act as the candy wrapper. The tootsie pop stick is white so I round the perfect pair of white boots.

For the Owl, we went with skinny black jeans. I used a white compression shirt and glued white feathers on the sleeves. I found large owl glasses with feathers and he wore a feather mask under the glasses. Top it off with the graduation cap.

We wore the costume two times. When I would be alone and someone would ask me, “How many licks does it take,” I would say “Ask Mr. Owl” and point to my boyfriend. People loved it and wanted to take our picture or have their picture taken with us. It was fun to see how amused people were. We also handed out Tootsie Pops.