Cool Edward Scissorhands DIY Costume for a Boy

This Edward Scissorhands costume was made for a Cadiz (Spain) carnival in February 2012. I always loved this movie and, of course, Johnny Depp!)

By the time my son was 12 years old, I thought this costume was going to fit him perfectly.

I bought cheap faux leather pants and jacket at a Chinese store. I also bought a pair of cheap ladies boots, and 7 belts. I cut belts to look the same way they do on Edward’s costume and connected them with hot glue.

My son had quite long hair at that time, so I just combed it crazy, and a bit of white and black make up and some fake scarfs did the rest.

for the hands I bought some plastic cutlery and plastic scissors and painted them with silver spray paint. Then I glued the cutlery to the hands part of a Freddy Krueger broken hand mechanism.

I think the result was awesome! Many people stopped my son on the streets just to take a picture with him.

Cool Edward Scissorhands Costume

Cool Edward Scissorhands Costume