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Coolest 100+ Homemade Mermaid Costumes

Choose a mythical character for your Halloween costume this year. These graceful homemade mermaid costumes will stand out in any crowd. Alluring and beautiful, you will learn how to create your own from this fabulous collection here.

The mystique and allure of a mermaid is timeless. Flit in and out of a Halloween party with your homemade mermaid tail. Then, grab a seashell bra and a long wig and you are set.

In addition, these homemade costumes work on people of all ages. Whether it’s for a baby or a grown man or woman, everyone can enjoy these fanciful fish-like creatures.

So swim gracefully along the depths of a Halloween party with these shimmery DIY mermaid costumes. Discover treasure troves of tutorials for you to learn how to make them yourself. Then share it with us here to inspire others on their DIY costume journey!

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