DIY Hipster Ariel Costume

For work we had all decided to dress up as DIsney characters.  Naturally with my red hair I chose to be Ariel.  I took it a step further and did a slightly “hipster” version of the little mermaid.  This cosutme was fun to make and everyone loved it!

I already had black booties from Forever 21 that were about $40.  As for the glasses, I just bought a black pair from the dollar store that had no lenses in it.

For the top and the bottom, I ordered both pieces off of for a fairly resonable price.  I ordered the skirt and top about 2 weeks in advance just to make sure that they would arrive in time.  The mermaid scale skirt was about $30 and the mermaid shell crop top was about $30 as well.  The mermad shell crop top is something that I will definitely end up wearing multiple times in the future!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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