I take Halloween very seriously. Probably too seriously but I can thank my mom for that for always throwing me Halloween parties for my birthday growing up. For the past few years I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween but procrastinated each year because I knew it would be a lot of time, money & work. This year I had a Halloween/Birthday party for my 27th & knew this was the year.

I wasn’t wrong about all of the time, money and work! My costume took at least ten trips to Michael’s, AC Moore and Joann Fabrics. I purchased pearls, fabrics, hot-glue, glitter, fish net, sequins, etc. My roommates even got involved with helping me paint and glitter the shells, trimming my skirt and tolerating my whole Halloween costume creation all over the apartment. (Thanks girls!)

I’m great with a hot-glue gun but sewing is not my forte. You may think hot-gluing tiny pearls one by one onto my top the hardest part, but it was definitely the skirt. I wanted to include my Grandma because she is one of the greatest seamstresses I know so I drove down the shore twice to have her help sew me the base of the bottom, a pencil skirt. It was really great to spend time with her and have her help me. After she was done, I said I could finish the rest. When I got home, I had to add tool & trim it & must of put in on at least fifty times and bent over to cut it while looking in a mirror to get the length just right. After a while I started laughing every time I had to try in on. It was really ridiculous but fun. The makeup was also a ton of fun as well. I saw girls used fishnet stockings to create a scale look so that’s exactly what I did all over my face & body. Added a few pearls & rhinestones and voila! I purchased hair extensions & blue dye to create blue mermaid hair as well.

Finally when I was totally finished with my costume and had the party, everyone was amazed. The reactions I got were really great. I got reactions such as, “I can’t believe you made that” and calling me the “Queen of Halloween” I felt so fulfilled knowing that my vision had crossed over into reality.

I was afraid to even add up the cost of the costume so I didn’t but I felt great in it so that’s all I’ll remember! Weeks of creating my costume and having sore fingertips from hot-glue burns were so worth it because I had one of the best birthdays thus far, 27 shouldn’t be so bad! :)