Sexy DIY Little Mermaid Costume

I spent couple of Halloweens in the Stated before but I never bothered to dress up.

This year I decided to put my creative side to use and make a Halloween costume from scratch!

My inspiration was Little Mermaid!

I bought the fabric for the mermaid tail at International Silk & Woolens, located at 8347 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

They have a great selection and I bought two types of fabric and a green thread for around $20. It helps if you speak Armenian or have a friend to come with you, like I had, to get a discount!

I sew everything with my hands; I did not use a sewing machine. It took me some time but it wasn’t impossible.

I bought two materials; one metallic green and the other one was lighter with sequence all over it. Both of them were stretchy.

I used the darker one for skirt and cut the other one into squares and sew them at the bottom to create the illusion of fins.

I used the wrapping bubbles to crate a float around my waist and covered it with lighter green material.

I order to walk easier I cut the bottom of the skirt on four points, which is invisible once you sew the square pieces.

I bought a tan strapless bra at K-mart and foam seashells at a Halloween store which I colored with purple acrylic paint.

The paint was from Michaells store.

I sew the shells to the bra and decorated it with pearls I  also bought at Michaels.

I got a big box of pearls with different colors and sizes for around $9.

You can either sew or glue the pearls but I decided to sew them, which took some time.

I also bought a sea star at Michaels, to which I glued a hairpin.

One read wig and you are all set to go!!!

I got a lot of compliments and people wanted to take picture with me. One lady said she wanted a picture for he daughter :)

Sexy DIY Little Mermaid Costume

Sexy DIY Little Mermaid Costume

Sexy DIY Little Mermaid Costume

Sexy DIY Little Mermaid Costume

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