I love mermaids! I have always wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween but all the costumes I have ever seen are pretty cheap looking.  I wanted something that was sexy, form fitting and somewhat “realistic.”  I told my friends about my mermaid costume idea and they wanted in as well.  There are 7 of us total.  I started by looking for a 4 way stretch fabric so the skirt would be flattering on all body types.  I found the perfect scale fabric in multiple color options at spandexhouse.com.  Each of us picked what color “tail” we wanted and went from there.  We wanted to design our seashell bras to coordinate with the color of our tails.

Each of us put our own touch on our seashell bras.  I personally wanted to go for a pastel goth look.  My skirt is silver irredescent so i painted my foam seashells silver and glued them to an old bra.  I added lots of glitter, a corset design on one side with ribbon and a black octopus on the other side.  I added rhinestones and pearls to fill in empty spaces.  Each girl put their own twist on their top.  Some added strings of hanging pearls. some added flowers, some added starfish and random small shells, and some added lots and lots of glitter.

With all the tops finished, I had to start sewing the skirts.  I have never really sewn before, so I had my mom give me a lesson before I took off with flying colors.  I found a tutorial online on how to sew a pencil skirt, so I went from there.  I measured all the girls waists and sewed 1 seam down the back of the skirt.  It took me a while to figure out how to do the fin part of the tail.  After a lot of researching, i finally decided to cut the skirt to a point and sew tulle and other shiny fabric to the bottom of the skirt to fan out and look like a fin.

We all got mermaid-like long curly wigs to go with our look. And our makeup was done with a lot of glitter and rhinestones.  We even had mermaid scales on our nails to complete the look.