My daughter loves princesses and dressing up to look like them! She wanted to be Ariel with legs! (Lol) Her cousin decided on being Ursula so they could do a theme together! But mostly, she wanted to be the most beautiful version of Ariel!

For the dress, we went to our local fabric store and got pink and white satin material. We cut our own pattern out of paper that we recycled from a newspaper office after getting her specific measurements! We got  sparkly trim and added it around the neck and bodice for detail. We put a 14″ zipper in the back to make getting the dress off and on easy and simple. For the underskirt, we used scrap white material, embroidery hoops and a hula hoop to give the dress its full look! We first opened the hula hoop…poured out its sand/beads and then cut it down to the size we needed and then reconnected it back together. We also added straps to the underskirt to be sure it would not slip loose while walking.  We made her a necklace out of beads we had handy and a little diamond starfish that we attached to it. We bought a wig and restyled it to look like Ariel’s hair! We lastly, took a starfish and added diamonds to it and then hot glued a clip on the back for a touch of glitz in her hair:) Her Makeup was the last touch we added to make her the perfect princess!

Everyone thought she was beautiful and elegant looking and everyone knew she was the beautiful Princess Ariel and asking to take her picture! Everyone asked where she got her costume from and we were proud to say we made it ourselves!

We took a lot of time to be sure the costume was comfortable, lightweight and gorgeous… she is only 2 and posed and wore it like a true princess all night!