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Coolest 35+ Homemade Old Folk Costumes

Growing old gracefully in costume has never been this easy. No matter what age you are, this homemade costume is always a winner. Get inspired by the collection of DIY Old Folk costumes below for your best Halloween costume this year.

Take a look at the adorable toddlers sporting walkers and granny classes. These DIY costumes are a cinch to put together and hugely popular. The costume details are so much fun. For instance, you will see hair rollers and cotton ball wigs for hilarious homemade costume accessories.

In addition, turn this costume idea into a couple or group costume. Check out the awesome old couple costumes here for your own costume inspiration. Also, for a good laugh, you must see the Over the Hill Beauty Queens costume here.

So whip out your pearls and pull on a shawl for the coolest DIY costume you can make this Halloween!

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