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Awesome Old Lady and Life Alert Button Funny Couple Costume

What goes together better than an old lady and a life alert? Nothing! My boyfriend Parker and I were thinking long and hard about what costume for couples would not be too cliche or predictable. And then we had a brilliant epiphany while watching a life alert commercial, lets be life alert! Watching a life alert commercial is almost like watching a comedy. The exaggerated acting and silly catch lines make it unforgettable- and mimic-able for a funny couple costume.

Making our Funny Couple Costume

First we went to Wal-Mart and found the best granny mumu/house dress, reading glasses, and pearls.

After borrowing a cane from my grandparents only one thing was missing, so I shoved a scarf down my mumu and tied a belt around my waist and I was set.

Now all was left was Parker’s life alert, but we wanted to stay original and authentic.  We went to my family’s tractor store and grabbed the biggest box that he could fit his 6’2″ self in, and then grabbed some spray paint and brushes and the rest was history.

Reactions to our Funny Couple Costume

The first reaction was priceless, when taking our first pictures I asked my roommate to do the honors. She laughed until she cried. We have never entered a costume contest before, but thought that our idea was so funny we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves!

The hardest part was by far painting the life alert sign, and then keeping it secret. It was so hard to keep something this funny a secret, especially when all our friends began to ask why all the secrecy.

Making our DIY Halloween costume was so much more fun than just buying something typical from a store. And now, our costume is more than just another one in the crowd- it’s a conversation piece and a great story.

We are so excited to enter this contest as our first!

Funny Couple Costume

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