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150+ Coolest Homemade LEGO Minifigure Costumes

Every character is more awesome when it’s a LEGO Minifigure! Wonder Woman, zombies, Indiana Jones and more, make the coolest LEGO Minifigure costumes for Halloween. For fans of the LEGO movie or anyone who has dreamed of their toys coming to life, these costumes are fantastically imaginative.

Discover the best cardboard to use from the amazing costumers here. (Pro tip: costco Kirkland diaper boxes are super strong). For that shiny LEGO finish, try using a Fiberglass Resin. Read about different types of foam people have used to create the classically rounded heads. Benefit from the vast experiences and instructions found in this incredible DIY costume collection.

In addition, the LEGO costume design provides excellent cushioning for active kids on Halloween. One child shown here fell while running and didn’t hurt himself or damage his costume. Win-win!

So, check out this collection in order to make the best LEGO Minifigure costumes this Halloween.

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