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Cool Black Tie Affair Minifig Couple Costume

My husband came up with the idea of the Minifig costumes. Only he didn’t have any idea what I was going to do with them. I bought my supplies, the cement cardboard cylinder, Styrofoam, yellow spray paint and the extremely hard to find Styrofoam sealant.

I blended my time between my son’s costumes and ours. I gave more time to my son’s than ours, but he is more important. I sanded and cut till my hands were worn out. Severe carpal tunnel does that. Lol. I used my son’s Minifig toys to get the actual look. I cut out the mouth slit so we could actually drink through straws and the eyes were backed with magic cloth so we could see out and no one could see in.

I mulled over how I could get these to look like real plastic and spray paint wasn’t going to do it. I had remembered that I had bought some fabric leftovers of vinyl and used it for the girl Minifig hair. A week before our planned event I went and bought more in different colors to dress them. Some hit glue and vinyl, the boy one was finished. I had less than two days to finish mine and took another look at a girl Minifig and started working getting the boots done first and realizing the butt needed to be turned out for a dress. I added a 45 degree angle from cardboard. I started adding fabric and cutting small strips to give it the corset look.

I’m not an expert by any means and wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. I surprised myself and everyone that saw them. Most people thought we had bought them and took many photos with us at the club we attended.

The best reaction was from my husband and our son.

Cool Black Tie Affair Minifig Couple Costume

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