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Coolest Homemade Lego Boy and Girl Minifig Couple Costume

Our son and daughter are HUGE Lego fans, easily spending hours weekly building different creations from our buckets of Lego. When we saw the idea on this site for a Lego Boy and Girl Minifig Couple Costume, we attempted to replicate it, however with some minor changes that made it simpler for us, as busy parents, to create the same feeling and final product.

We started by purchasing one large sheet of Styrofoam from our local hardware shop and I glued the foam for the kids’ hands together. The glue takes a long time to dry. I’m talking a month! I stacked about 7 8 inch squares of foam together When my husband used his belt grinder (tipped on it’s side, vice gripped), the middle of the foam was still a bit gooey! He shaped the hands with his sander & from the beginning, we didn’t expect perfection…just enough to get the drift! They turned out pretty good; we also piped heavy cardboard pipes that fit our kids hands in perfectly into the ‘hands’ and hotglued the pipes into place. We then brushed on paint to the entire hand, assembled, lego yellow (vivid yellow)- for the kids’ comfort sake, I taped soft cottonballs to the end of the cardboard pipes where their real hands go into. Styrofoam and spray paint are not a good combo! Spraypaint melts foam right away, so we opted for acrylic paint.

The bodies were shaped out of scrap sheets of boxes that I picked up from Costco. I cut the shape out freehand and them traced them out 3 more times to create the front and back of the bodies. I then cut out the tops and sides and we used packing tape to assemble them. Afterwards, I cut out their head and arm holes (it helps to have the kids near you to measure this out) and then we covered the entire body boxes with white bristol board that we had glued onto the boxes. (I drew their outfits onto the bristol board first) We colour copied the logo from the many websites when we googled ‘Lego logo’ and glued them to the back of the bodies.

The heads took the most amount of time. My husband glued two layers of foam for each head-disc (each head needs 2 sets of large discs, and one set of little discs for the top of the heads) – again he used the belt grinder to smooth them into circles. The foam discs were brushed with vivid yellow paint and then we spray painted the bristol board to make their ‘faces’ shiny like plastic Lego heads (using markers for the eyes and outlining the mouths) and then hot glued the faces onto the foam rings to form the heads. The mouths on the faces are actually where our kids can look through to see their way around. We covered the mouths with mesh found at the local craft shop.

To make it easier for the kids at school and trick or treating, we will getting them to wear regular pants instead of forming legs out of cardboard.

Homemade Lego Boy and Girl Minifig Couple Costume

Homemade Lego Boy and Girl Minifig Couple Costume

Homemade Lego Boy and Girl Minifig Couple Costume

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