First of all I found this site for ideas on making a lego costume and saw this group of lego costumes and thought, hey, I can try this.  So, I figured to start a month ahead of time because I would be making 3 costumes.  And I picked the minifigures from the Lego Movie….Emmet, Wyldstyle-Wild West and Virtruvius.

Second, I took all of our heights and figured out the scaled up dimensions to each one of our heights and drew out all the designs on each figure.

Third, I procastinated like hell because I was so afraid that my math would be all wrong and the scales would be completely off.  So, that took 2 weeks of procastination.  But meanwhile, I cut out tons of cardboard to make it workable.  (I didn’t buy any, I reused bicycle boxes from our local bike shop)  And I also, gathered up all the glue and spray paint colors I thought I’d need.  I did all these costumes with only recycled cardboard, glue, paint markers and spray paint.  And with only the aid of a box knife and a ruler.  (Did I mention yet how tedious this was????)

Finally, I put together my son’s costume and all the edges were super off, so I fixed that by paper macheing the whole costume to make the edges smooth and the costume more durable because a 5 year old would be wearing it.  I paper mached the whole head with the helmet.  Let me tell you, I was amazed at how my paper mache head came out.  I was super impressed with myself.

But after all this hard work after only almost completing one costume and only a week and a half til halloween.  I tried to tell my 5 year old that Mommy was only gonna have time to finish his costume.  He hung his head low and sadly said, “But Mommy, I thought it was gonna be a family costume.”  So, I put on my mommy muscles and what was left of my energy into completing a costume for me and my husband. I work two jobs, one during the day and one til 7pm.  So, my only available times to do this was between the hours of 7pm and 4am.  Then I found out later and realized that many of the halloween parties were this weekend.  I got better after the first costume and with what little time I had I cut out and put the other two costumes together.  Like I said, I got better after the first one and they went together like perfect puzzle pieces and I didn’t have to paper mache the bodies.

The character I picked for my husband was Virtruvius but I quickly changed it to Benny the 80’s Spaceman for simplicity of the one design on his torso.  The paper mache head went pretty smoothly as well. (yet, still very time consuming and very sticky)  I even included his cracked helmet!

Now, for my costume I picked Wyldstyle with the Wild West dress on.  Again, I picked the dress for ease of putting it together.  I just gotta tell you….those lego feet were pains in my butt!  But nope, while the dress was easy, the design was from hell to do.  I have never stenciled in my life and go figure….I pick this as my first time.  Wow.  These grandiose ideas of mine are gonna get me into trouble.  And not only that design on her dress but paper maching that head.  Well, I went for it and I gotta say….being the third one I ever did.  It definitely went smoother but I still had to brainstorm on how to make that damn pony tail.  It that took a lot of staring and hoping and wishful thinking.

Well, it’s not quite Halloween yet but after this weekend of parties for my child.  He won 2 Halloween contests in one weekend.  And a grand total of $55 in gift cards.  The smile on my little boy’s face was well worth all this work I put into this.  Yup, I did this all for my love for him and also my love of Halloween.

My son also had his own entourage of other children following him around!  And my husband had kids just smiling away at him in his Benny costume!

Hope you guys like my story.  Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.