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Super Easy Lego Ninjago Jay Costume

This is my 4 yerar old son Dominic, he loves Lego Ninjago Jay! So mommy thought it would be really cool to  dress him up as Jay for Halloween. Of course I searched online for something, but could only find a normal boy costume and not a lego man. So my creative juices started flowing.

I decided mommy would attempt for the first time ever to make his costume. Oh Boy! I used a pampers diaper box for the body, cut up cardboard for the legs and hot glued it all together.

For the toes I glued on two foam squares that just so happened to be the perfect size (got lucky there), used a bulk plastic cheese puff container for the head, koozies for the hands.

The duct tape; oh the duct tape! Used it for the body, legs, hands, head and face. I used my artistic skills for the design on the body.

I first used a dry erase marker to draw it all out, then I painted over with acrylic paints. I also dressed him in an all blue track suit to blend. It was not perfection but I love the way it came out. So does my son.

I decided to enter him in a local Halloween costume contest for his age group. Im very proud and a bit shocked to say that he won first place and won an awesome new bike! Trying to get a four year old to walk around in a bulky and awkward costume is definitely a challenge alone but he pulled it off!

I forgot to mention I put holes in the eyes and covered with black screen, but being four we took it off a lot during the day of his contest.

We had a ton of people stopping him and saying how incredible his costume was and this was just the contest. We still need to go trick or treating in it. I couldn’t wait!

Super Easy Lego Ninjago Jay Costume

Super Easy Lego Ninjago Jay Costume

Super Easy Lego Ninjago Jay Costume

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