My sons (Wells “Jay”, 7 & Owen “Zane”, 6) hoped to be Lego Ninjago characters for Halloween. Luckily, they have a crafty Mama. And, so began the creation of their costumes. These are completely DIY (I honestly didn’t know how to “do” any of this). I used my imagination & creativity & worked on these between other projects (I’m an artist) & our normal life.

\Here’s a rundown of supplies/how these were created: each character is made out of 2 Adult XL Sweatshirts, a Cheese Balls container, pieces from a Styrofoam Cooler, Window Screen, Cardboard, Spray Adhesive, Felt, Packing Tape, Drink Koozies & T-Shirts. I used a sewing machine to make the pants (out of sweatshirt scraps) & used elastic to hold the costumes over their shoes. The swords are made of old boxes, packing material (stuffed inside), covered in white felt & spray painted in metallic gold.

The scariest part was the promise I gave to my boys of making these costumes happen, in the first place! My very favorite part(s) was the brain power it took to pull this all together & make these not look “homemade”. And, the most challenging part was the covering the shoes – while trying to keep from having ankle actually show (those shoe covers were NOT easy!) & making sure everything was to scale (as much as possible – a tiny sword would just not be acceptable). I finished these, tonight & as soon as that was announced – squeals started & costumes where on, followed by standing in front of the mirror (admiring themselves & chopping Ninja moves while at it) & finally – the pictures you see here. I’m one excited Mama – HAPPY, to see my boys SO over the moon!

I’m pretty sure my boys have NO clue that not all Mama’s are crafty. Boy, am I lucky they keep me busy! Creating is our life & two proud boys is my goal!