I started off with taking measurements from my 10 year old daughter. I then used cardboard and masking tape to construct the torso and legs. This process was a lot harder than I thought. Only because Lego men are not perfect squares. They taper. I then made the hands and head which were made out of foam (not mattress foam but foam you would buy at a hardware store) masking tape and spray paint.

For the body and legs I cut black poster board and hot glued it to cover the cardboard. I also wrapped the head and hands in poster board and painted them gray. Cut a mouth in the head for her to see out of and put a piece of nylon to hide her face. Circles were cut in the hands for her hands to go through (this was she could still fully use her hands). The entire face, blood and logo on his t-shirt were all cut out of card stock and glued in place. Wearing black pants, a long sleeve black shirt and gray gloves … it’s time to put it on. This process takes a team. Needing help to put on the legs. Someone had to hold the torso while she slipped it on (the head was also attached to the body)the hands had to be pretty much forced on so they stayed tight and wouldn’t just slip off. She  was completely covered and it looks awesome. Watching her walk was a little funny but she did great and everybody loved it. People were shocked when she would be walking down the hall way … trying to figure out who it was. We had a lot of fun. People had a hard time believing it was handmade or that I did so good. She was in our local costume contest but unfortunately she did not place.