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Coolest LEGO Darth Maul Homemade Minifigure Costume

A few years ago I invented MinifigME, a process that allows us to put kids (of any age) faces on LEGO minifigures, inspired by my sons love of all things LEGO. Since we have always been a Lego-loving family, I wasn’t surprised when my son asked me if I could make him a minifig costume.

Having NEVER made a costume before it was pretty much a shot-in-the-dark that this would turn out at all. But a lot of Styrofoam later (it gets EVERYWHERE when you sand out the shape btw), we managed to come up with an awesome costume. Even though everyone (all the men/boys anyway) that we saw at the parade we attended LOVED our boy’s costume we lost the local costume contest to a really bad Walmart-bought pirate costume…go figure :)

The basics of making this went something like this:

  1. Buy a BUNCH of pieces of flat Styrofoam
  2. Glue them all together
  3. Cut them all out into circle shapes, with another circle shape inside for the head..just eyeball approximate size
  4. After you get all the sizes wrong, throw it all away and start again (feel free to skip this step by measuring and NOT eyeballing the size you will need :)
  5. When you have successfully glued it all together start sanding the edges
  6. After you realize that you should have laid this out with a huge tarp underneath you, clean up the thousands of little Styrofoam balls that are stuck to everything everywhere
  7. Again feel free to skip this step and sand in a contained easy-to-clean area
  8. After you let your youngster use the hand sander for the first time, realize that you will have to have a smaller head then you first thought.
  9. Carve out the inside hole bigger to fit your child’s head. Somewhat like you scrape out a pumpkin.
  10. Paint the face.
  11. Carefully cut out the eyes so that your child can see as clearly as possible.
  12. Cover the eye holes with black screen and paint with glow-paint.
  13. Gently use spray glue to seal the paint finish.
  14. Make the body using a large black shirt with a thick foam piece attached inside.
  15. Do not bother making Lego block feet (they won’t work for longer then the 1st photo op takes)
  16. When you are all done, take a lot of pics!!
  17. Carry around the head for most of the actual trick-or-treating due to your child not being able to see well because of not correctly following instruction #11…

HAVE FUN!!! They are only young once!

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