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Coolest 60+ Homemade Gameboard Costumes

Looking to capture people’s attention this Halloween with a bit of nostalgia and ingenuity? Take a look at this awesome collection of gameboard costumes. If you love to play board games, you will love them even more as homemade costumes.

Check out the Candyland inspired costumes here. Create a character from the beloved kid’s game or be the actual board. There are tons of fun and delicious looking DIY costumes below, from Princess Lolly to King Kandy.

Or, be a twister board for an easy homemade costume. Just make sure people don’t get too handsy!

Also, Scrabble addicts know there is only one game worth dressing up as. Browse through these DIY costumes for some super innovative ways to arrange your tiles.

So, whether you have a soft spot for Operation, Monopoly or Guess Who?, get the best DIY costume inspiration from these homemade gameboard costumes.

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