Coolest Scrabble Costume

Homemade Scrabble Costume

As I was searching for inspiration for a Halloween costume I came across costume ideas that were based around board games. Although a fun reference, it was not exactly what I was looking for. Instead, I took the board game idea to the next level and made it interactive. I used an old white dress … Read more

Coolest Homemade Twister Group Halloween Costume

Homemade Twister Group Halloween Costume

We created a homemade Twister group Halloween costume, one person in each color of the game. We each purchased one board game. We took the actual flimsy mat of the game and made dresses. This was a little tough, because they rip easily. We cut holes for the head and arms and then made them … Read more

Coolest Gameboard Halloween Costume

Gameboard Halloween Costume

This gameboard Halloween costume is a real working operation game. It took a lot of time but I was very please with the outcome of it. I took a cut out of my upper body made out of cardboard and set up the boxes (which are made out of aluminum baking pans) cut holes in … Read more

Coolest Monopoly Man Costume

Monopoly Man Excited About Winning $10 in a Beauty Contest

My boyfriend wanted to be the “Monopoly Man” or Rich Uncle Pennybags from the board game Monopoly for Halloween. He bought a secondhand tuxedo suit for $30, a cane for $5 at a local Halloween store and we made out our own Monopoly money (you can actually download a patten to print out on color … Read more

Coolest Homemade Twister Twins Costume

Homemade Twister Twins Costume

Our family loves to play board games…so the twins (Paige and Heather) decided to dress as their favorite family game,”TWISTER” The Twister Twins Costume was made with polka dot material. We cut out dresses for both girls. We then cut out four circles (red, blue, green, and yellow) and the word “Twister” and hot glued … Read more

Coolest Monopoly Gameboard Costume

Homemade Monopoly Gameboard Costume

Our family loves family game night and one of our favorite games to play is Monopoly. I suggested the idea to my daughter after seeing the Twister costumes in the stores. We had an old Monopoly game board with missing pieces so we put it to good use recycling the game pieces for her costume. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Monopoly Game Costume

Homemade Monopoly Game Costume

Our whole family went camping the weekend before Halloween and we were a themed family. Boardgames. Here is my Monopoly Game Costume. First I drew everything on a plain white poster board, then used packing tape to tape it to a large piece of cardboard and cut off the extra and left about an inch … Read more

Coolest Board Games Costume

Board Games Costume

Who says Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress up in the skimpiest costumes? Not me and my sister! Every year we try to come up with something we’ve never seen before so last Halloween we decided we would be Snakes and Ladders and Chess! It took a while making the board games … Read more

Awesome Homemade Operation Game Costume

Homemade Operation Game Costume

I thought about what childhood game could I make into a costume. Operation Game! I started by making a wooden box. I then cut out all of the holes for the different pieces. I cut out of light weight metal a smaller version of the hole in the wood. I then made fiberglass bowls in … Read more

Coolest Monopoly Costume

Homemade Monopoly Costume

Monopoly is my favorite game ever! Really I collect monopoly boards. So I decided to be the “Monopoly girl” coming out of the board. I got a piece of cardboard and cut an oval hole out of the center. Then cut the back so I could get in and out of the board. Driving and … Read more

Coolest Homemade McDonalds Monopoly Couple DIY Costume

Homemade McDonalds Monopoly Couple DIY Costume

With a family of 6, McDonalds is just a part of dinner at least once week! As I sat in the drive thru, I realized I had the idea for this years costumes, a Homemade McDonalds Monopoly Couple DIY Costume. I purchased several clothing items from the local Goodwill and Salvation Army, made my own … Read more

Coolest Gameboards Halloween Costume

Gameboards Halloween Costume

This Gameboards Halloween costume kind of twisted itself together over time. I came up with the idea at a garage sale this summer where someone was selling two Twister games. I started to collect white clothing (that none dare wear after Labor day) from my closet and from friends closets. I had intended to color … Read more