Coolest Homemade Operation Game Adult Halloween Costume Idea

When I was little I loved playing the game Operation with my brother and sister! So for Halloween one year I thought WOW, a Homemade Operation Game Adult Halloween Costume Idea would make a great costume!

My mom handmade my body suit! She made the costume “plump”, just like the guy on the game! Even my feet and hands were made to look just like his! I found a black wig that matched his hair exactly!

My brother helped to construct the metal that surrounded the different pieces that you try to pull out so when you played me ( and oh boy did everybody want to play me!) I actually buzzed. He had them all wired and people would use metal salad tongs to try and pull out the “funny bone” etc. and if it hit the metal I buzzed (everyone would freak out) and my nose lit up! It was so much fun to wear. My mom even made a giant AA Battery (Duracell) and attached it to my back!

I really looked just like the game and a lot of people played Doctor that Halloween! LOL