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Coolest Gameboard Halloween Costume

This gameboard Halloween costume is a real working operation game. It took a lot of time but I was very please with the outcome of it. I took a cut out of my upper body made out of cardboard and set up the boxes (which are made out of aluminum baking pans) cut holes in cardboard to hold boxes then attached this to an oversized shirt.

Then I cut out the pieces of red felt and lines inside of boxes and around edges to clean it up and make it look neat. I cut out game pieces from cardboard and put Velcro on back of game pieces on inside box so they come out. Then I took felt and wrote out operation and cut those out and attached with glue.

Then came the wiring which I had some help with from my boyfriend. I purchase am operation game which we took apart to use the buzzer and light up nose piece. He attached wire to each box, attached to led light for nose, and use a pair of tongs which he wired and brought all those together to connect to main box which made it work so that when you touched tongs to box to get piece out and touched the edge the buzzer would sound and the nose lit up. We also repeated process for bottoms.

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