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Coolest Homemade Operation Board Game Halloween Costume Idea

My daughter wanted to be her favourite board game for Halloween this year, Operation. We started our Homemade Operation Board Game Halloween Costume Idea by searching for a box that was large enough. After some struggles, we found a box that was long and wide enough but I was worried about the depth. Luckily, she fit in it just fine. We cut a hole for her head and had her slip on the box.

Next we cut arm holes in the side. Once we knew where her arms and head would be, we drew the body shape on the box. We also drew shapes for the “body part” cavities. We included the broken heart, the wish bone, the spare ribs, the butterfly in the stomach, the Charlie horse and the water on the knee from the original board game. We also included the frog in the throat and the burp bubbles from the newer revised edition of the game. We painted the body in flesh coloured paint and the cavities in red paint. We painted the rest of the box yellow like the board game background. Using thin strips of silver duct tape, we outlined each of the cavities to represent the metal sides.

We outlined the body with a black marker and also labeled the “body parts”. We drew the body parts onto printer paper then cut them out and taped them inside the appropriate cavities. Using the black marker, we wrote the word Operation down the side of the box with the games slogan. As a final touch, we attached metal bbq tongs as the tweezers.

Unfortunately we were unable to locate a red nose that lights up so face paint had to do. We cut a small slit in the back of the box to make walking a little easier. My daughter and her costume were the hit of the night in our neighborhood.

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