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Coolest Battleship Board Game Costume

I was a huge fan of the board game, Battleship from when I was younger. I decided to re-create the game for my Halloween costume this year.

To make this Homemade Battleship Board Game Costume I used black foam poster-board type material to create two board game pieces. I cut interlocking pieces and used krazy glue to create the red and white marker holders on the right side of the board. I then made an elevated box for the board itself and used a grid to punch a 8×8 set of holes in each board. I covered it in blue paper to represent the water.

I used mailing labels to write letters down the side and numbers across. For the battleships themselves, I used gray posterboard to make 4 types of ships – a 2-hole, 3-hole, and two 4-hole Intrepid-style ships. For the red and white markers, as a Halloween touch, I used red Tootsie pops to represent ‘hits’ and white blow-pops to represent ‘misses’.

As a finishing touch, I printed out the battleship logo and krazy glued it to each board. I then tied a rope on each so I could have one board in front of me and one behind me, so two people could play against each other at the party I went to. I wore a blue suit, with a white shirt and Navy tie and got a Naval commander hat and white gloves to add a Navy touch to it.

It was a fun costume to make (took about 12 hours) and it was a hit at the party!

Homemade Battleship Board Game Costume

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