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Coolest Operation Game Costume

This is my Operation Game costume. It was so fun to make. All the pieces are removable and interactive. I had such a good time bringing it to work and showing all my peers. I work in an environment where everyone gets crazy with their costumes and this year I went all out.

First I got a cardboard box and I drew the design on it and cut out the spaces for the bones. Then I painted it and made room for my face. I wanted to get a light up nose but couldn’t find one so I just used a regular clown nose and put a flashing light inside. Then I found a wig and made a headband with big ears to look just like the guy on the game. I also made and painted all the bones inside – attaching them to the costume with a string so that when people would grab the bones with the tongs I could pull them back.

All and all, it took about 2 weeks and about $100-$200 bucks to make. It was a very rewarding experience and the next challenge is how I am gonna top this next year.

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