Being a college student, it is hard to buy a Halloween costume because of money or even come up with an original idea! A mixture of MacDonald’s Monopoly and playing Monopoly as a child inspired the idea of being part of the game for Halloween!

All needed to make this cute Monopoly Playing Cards DIY Group Costume is as follows: a 12 by 18inch foam board, green (or whatever property you want!)& black construction paper, a black sharpie tape, and scissors.

Then we just cut out a box for the color, wrote out the name of the property and used black construction paper to outline the board. We taped a piece of ribbon on the top of the board and hung it around our neck. We added a white mustache and small little black top hat made out of construction paper. We also cut out different colored paper to make it look like monopoly money for extras!!

A lot of people on campus loved the idea because it was original and we strayed away from dressing the way college girls usually dress on Halloween.