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Coolest Uncle Pennybags Monopoly Man Costume

When my son said he wanted to be a board game for Halloween, I admit, I thought he was crazy! What I didn’t know is how awesome it would be and how much everyone would LOVE it!

Supplies for Uncle Pennybags Monopoly Man Costume:

* 1/2 in. 4 ft. x 8 ft. Foam Insulating Sheathing (from hardware store) $10.50
* Old Monopoly game (thrift store) $3.00
* Suit coat (thrift store) $2.00
* Foam Top Hat (craft store) $1.00
* Red bow tie (craft store) $1.50
* Monocle (dollar store) $1.00
* Mustache (party goods store) $3.00
* Cane (party goods store) $6.00
* Hot glue gun, scissors, ruler, markers (supplies from home)

First we cut the foam insulation board into a square, 30in X 30in (2 1/2 feet). Then cut large hole in the middle to fit around body. Using the real game board as a guide we drew the game onto the board using a pencil and ruler, then traced it with a marker. Trust me, I am no artist and this was very easy.

Then came coloring it in and adding finishing touches. We cut off the side of the game lid that said “Monopoly” and glued it on, then glued various game pieces on around the board such as: houses, hotels, dice, cards, etc.

Next all he had to do was dress up: tan pants, suit coat, red bow tie, monocle, mustache, cane and top hat. Slide the board game over his body and VIOLA! COOLEST Uncle Pennybags Monopoly Man Costume EVER!! He was quite a hit everywhere he went!

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