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Cool DIY Monopoly Car Costume

Wearing The Monopoly Car Costume

Here I am as the Uncle Pennybags costume, and my car (the Coopie monster) in the Monopoly Car costume.

Monopoly Car Costume Inspiration

This year I had the unique chance to hand out candy to trick or treaters.  Instead of your average “knock on doors” technique most kids follow, I Joined the rest of my MC (mini club for you sons of anarchy fans) in our annual “trunk or treat” event which was held on a race track.  The kids dressed up and went from car to car saying “trunk or treat” as we handed them candy.  I knew I needed to do something original and cool for the kids and well… FOR SCIENCE!!…ok, for Halloween :P.  I knew I wanted to dress up my car (which was already dressed up as Dra*coop*la, with two fangs on my *grill* and a cape flying in the wind out of my sunroof) but I didn’t quite know what to do.  I sat around thinking and thinking…

“a mini skirt and make it a sexy costume?… NAH”

“Hannibal with a mask over my hood and a straight jacket?… NAH too hard”

“The Shining? And just have my headlights on?… NAH”

And then it hit me like a get out of Jail free card…


I would make my car look like the monopoly car and I would be rich Uncle Pennybags and take over the world… ok, well just have a great homemade costume.

I thought about adding the board game to my truck to for the kids to play so I did!

Making The Monopoly Car Costume

First and foremost, I needed to get my car to look like the car piece from the game which is silver and thankfully 50% of my car was already silver (phew, saved some cash there) but I still needed to cover up the windows, roof and rims. Those bright red rims. So I went shopping to my favorite store, Yes, its O’reileys, and bought 2 peel coat spray cans.  I used a “cars” (the movie) monopoly game to go with the theme of the night.

I started off my spraying the peel coat paint on my decals, rims, bumpers, stickers, tail lights (yes you could see me brake) and even my backseat windows and rear windshield (I’ll leave it up to you to figure out why I didn’t get the rest).  After that was all said and done I opened up the trunk and started working on the candy/old arcade. I pushed my rear seats down to get space and covered it with Dracoopla’s cape (it was day time he was sleeping anyways).  Then, I placed the board game right in the middle of rear seats and Velcro the cards on both sides of it.  I then grabbed all the money and placed enough to cover up the gaskets on the trunk where the trunk door shuts and that was it for the car.

Uncle Pennybags Needs a Costume

Next was working on rich Uncle Pennybags, which was pretty easy I purchased a top hat, white mustache, walking cane and a red bow tie.  I already had a white button up, blazer, vest and suit jacket… why do I have these things? Did I say how much I loved Halloween? You never know when you will need a costume ready to go. I put the clothes on, glued the mustache on, took a loan from the bank and JENGA! It all came together.

Monopoly Car Costume Success

The costume was a success amongst  kids and adults on the “night of destruction”! In addition, drivers on the highway were smiling and waving. I even got pulled over but after explaining all the spray paint I did not “Go to Jail” and just passed “Go”.

P.S. It’s November and I’m still rubbing off the peel coat.


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