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Coolest Homemade Mrs. and Mr. Monopoly Couple Costume

My Monopoly outfit was originally created for one of my first art classes which was ‘3D Design’. My assignment was to make an article of clothing out of anything other than cloth. While walking through the thrift store looking for ideas, I came across a couple of old Monopoly games and the rest is history.

I decided that I would be Mrs. Monopoly and asked my friend, Rachel, to accompany me as Mr. Monopoly, alias Uncle Moneybags. Our homemade Mrs. and Mr. Monopoly Couple Costume was a great success.

My skirt was made out of two Monopoly boards. I drew a grid on the board and cut each piece the size of the spaces using a box cutter. I laid out the design I wanted for the skirt, trying as closely as possible to follow the original layout of the board. I then drilled small holes in the four corners of each piece, except those pieces lining the top and bottom which only had two holes; these holes were then threaded with fishing line.

I measured my waist and hot-glued a thick piece of elastic inside the top of the skirt so that it would stay on.

The top is entirely paper mache and quite stiff. I used some chicken wire which I cut and molded into a shape that would fit around my torso. I then cut that in half so as to have front and back pieces; these I would later connect on the sides. I paper mached layers of the money to the chicken wire with a flour and water mixture.

When it was all dry, I sewed one side together with rainbow yarn. The other side was attached to one half of a Velcro strip, whose other half was attached to the Monopoly deed cards; these cards had been sewn onto the side of the torso, underneath my right arm, with more yarn. The Velcro allowed me to take the shirt on and off. The yellow halter-type part of the top was made with the Community Chest cards rolled up and taped around some yarn.

I found a pair of Monopoly pajamas, since it was going to be cold, and wore those underneath. The pants were a little long, so I cut off the bottoms and used the excess fabric to make a headband. My necklace was made out of a few of the game pieces and a couple of houses and hotels, strung to some rainbow string. My earrings were the dice with holes drilled through and attached to earrings hooks. I actually used a little part of every piece of the Monopoly game for something. I put some green hair cement in my hair for a little extra flair and voila!

Mr. Monopoly, who was rather short, wore a jacket bought at the thrift store. I sewed the bowtie by hand and made a monocle out of an old necklace and a keychain. Rachel already had the white gloves, pants and shirt, and my dad already had the silver cane. We bought a little plastic top hat and I trimmed it with silver ribbon. The final touch was the mustache, which I cut from some craft fur we had lying around and then spray-painted white.

We won the Halloween contest at our campus event and everyone loved our outfits! I love Halloween.

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