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Coolest Monopoly Man Costume

My boyfriend wanted to be the “Monopoly Man” or Rich Uncle Pennybags from the board game Monopoly for Halloween.

He bought a secondhand tuxedo suit for $30, a cane for $5 at a local Halloween store and we made out our own Monopoly money (you can actually download a patten to print out on color paper on the Monopoly board game website). He got a cheap hat too, at Target or somewhere for $5.

The hair and mustache were the hardest part of the costume. To get dimensional grey hair, we bought both silver and white hair spray (two for one at the local party store $3) and painted a brown mustache silver and then sprayed my boyfriend’s hair up to about the middle so the hat would cover it. I layered grey with white and the result looked pretty natural.

But the main part of the character is the attitude. I told him he should do that open mouthed surprised face Mr. Monopoly does on the cards when he gets money. Then again, he looks a bit Dali in the pic, but I don’t think anyone would get a Dali costume at a Halloween party.

Our total was:
Tux $30 (we plan to sell it back to the thrift store once it gets worn a few times)
$5 Cane
$5 Felt Top Hat
$3 Colored hair spray in silver and white
$3 Mustache
Free – Printed out money on paper we had

Total $46.

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Monopoly Man Costume”

  1. My boyfriend is also planning on being the Monopoly man, but I would like to be something “Monopoly” too. I was thinking the money or a plastic house, but I would love if someone had a better idea!

  2. He could be Mr. monopoly and you could be “The Banker” or the “Cop” that puts him in jail… or my best friend and I are going to be Mr. Monopoly and she is going to be the “Community Chest” …..

  3. My son Dylan loves the game Monopoly. He wanted to be MR.Monopoly for Halloween, it was the easiest costume ever. We had an old black suit from a wedding, and a white shirt. We went to the store and got a red bow tie, a cane and a top hat.

    I took some old monopoly money from an old game we had, and glued it to the pocket of the jacket and pants, then we took park place and boardwalk cards and stapled them to the top hat with some money as well. Also I made a little monopoly sign on the computer to put on the hat as well just so everyone would know who he was since it just looked like a suit he is only 9…

    The mustache and hair were the hardest we could not find a white mustache any where, we got a brown one and some hair spray color from a party store and sprayed my son’s hair and the mustache. Then I found an old hunter green pillow case and took Gold glitter glue and drew a dollar sign on the pillow case… He used this for trick or treating, his loot bag looked like a big bag of money!!!

    He won first place, no one else had a costume like this … I’ll post a picture…


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