Awesome Sharknado Costume

Sharknado. Is there anything else more to say? This costume was devasting on all levels.

Let’s start with the costume idea:

I saw Sharknado over summer and I was thinking..this is brilliant! Sharks…tornado..SO CAL..does it get any better?! Then comes Halloween and I had to think of an epic costume and thought of the summer blockbuster..sharknado!

It started with a tomato cage, clear plastic warp, strobe lights with thunder noise..yes THUNDER, silver and white spray paint, more clear plastic wrap, glue spray, spider webs, and of course…SHARKS!

The reaction at the parties were unforgettable! People were devastated as I swirled around the party, thunder and all.

Overall, this was the best costume I ever wore. I was Michael Phelps, Anchorman, among other American superheroes but Sharknado was a hit,unlike any other. I’m thinking of making a sharknado ugly sweater holiday costume for Christmas because it’s so epic!

Sharknado would like to thank you for the consideration!

PS I won a 6 pack of beer for my costume…and forgot it at the party.

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