So it’s a struggle to get my Samoan to dress up in costume. I’ll usually come up with something and then guilt him into participating. I’m not proud of myself but it works. Well, we got invited to an incredible Halloween Party, I mean the kind that would make Walt Disney want to be there. Just think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Disney Haunted Mansion and then hooks up with a Hollywood Steam Punk Movie kind of party.

I honestly don’t know how we got invited but I wasn’t going to question it. I just crossed my fingers that no one would find out our invite was a mistake. The husband was actually excited to go and even had ideas! What!? I’m jumping on this run away train and riding it as long as I can!

The party was a pirate themed soiree and I knew I’d better bring my A game. Everyone there would be a pirate so what could we do to stand out? My Samoan wanted to take advantage of his tattoos and his heritage and add some warrior to the mix. Maori Pirates it is!

I started with his costume and tried to blend the pirate and the Maori together with a little plundering from across the seas. I made his shirt and coat sleeveless to show off his tattoo and used a lot of vintage trims and notions to make it looked aged. I wanted lots of texture. I also wanted the traditional black and white beaded puipui skirt made from flax but knew I couldn’t afford it. My cheap version was to buy up two yards of striped knit fabric, make a casing for the elastic waist band at one selvage edge and then cut one inch strips starting from the other edge. When I pulled the strips, they rolled in on themselves and Holy Toledo they looked like the puipui! His sash looks like it could have been plundered in Asia or India, his pants from Morocco. Add a wrist band made from an old belt and a second hand chunky necklace and a few guns for fun. Then last, but not least, finish off with temporary full face Maori tattoos and you’ve got one VERY happy Polynesian husband.

My costume I made to match his and stayed within the traditional Maori color pallet. I took an existing corset and added trim down the front as well as sleeves with oversized cuffs and a stand up collar and pocket flaps. I attached a bustled skirt to the corset to add bulk and hide my hips and rear. Plus, it’s just fun! I made black and white vertical striped leggings out of the same fabric as the puipui skirt. My finishing touches were jewelry made from vintage metal buttons and a beautiful antique fringed and embroidered piano shawl wrapped around my hips.

We plundered and pirated our way through the evening and had a wonderful time. It was fantastic getting all the complements and seeing my husband being so proud and confident through all the ooing and awing. He looks forward to being able to wear that again!