We decided to turn our wagon into a pirate ship using 2 large Lowes boxes with the help of gorilla tape. I used paper towel rolls painted and cut them in half for the cannons and “mummy” fabric for the flag, added on my drawing of a Jolly Roger. We had family trips to the store to pick out accessories for the ship and to make the treasure chest.

I hot glued all the jewels and gold coins. The dollar store worked great for the accessories. We used blue cellophane for the “water”. I used cardboard to make an anchor and affixed it with hot glue and connected some rope to it.

I made my first tutu and will never use glitter tulle again as it was very stiff and looked like a glitter bomb went off! I found an adorable iron on for her shirt, and completed the look with leggings, black combat boots and a bow for her hair with cross bone.

Our boys outfit was made with 2 different “T-shirts, a shoe lace, and scarf for his “belt”. We used a hook, sword, pouch of gold coins, hat, and eye patch. We found a skeleton chalice that he actually used to collect some candy in. Our biggest oops was not measuring it to fit into our minivan-oops- quite a stressful few moments! We had to remove a few things and slide the seats up the whole way.

Everyone loved it. Kids and adults of all ages said ” Wow! That’s so cool”. And yes we placed in the costume contest for the 4th year in a row! We were a little nervous as luck would have it there was another pirate ship in front of us as we went for judging.

The wagon came in handy to pull the kids and when they wanted to walk we placed all the jackets, snacks and water in the wagon.