Sometimes you get an idea in your head and you just start running with it!  Hence, our Halloween outfits this year.  I suppose this idea started a couple months ago.  We had a few family date nights where we sat around, ate pizza and watched The Pirates of the Caribbean together.  Any scary parts, we’d skip over.

It turned out to be so much fun that after a couple of weeks we had watched all four movies together. This fun ended right when it was time to start scheming our Halloween outfits – well, this turned out to be an obvious choice.

We got out first opportunity to dress up this past Saturday for a church party. (Luckily no one in our family is too Frozen crazy.)  Amidst all the Elsas and Annas at the party we were a motley crew.  We were Captain Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner, Captain Jack Sparrow, Angelica, and Jack the Monkey.  Luckily, the monkey costume we already had on hand (it had been used for two other years of Halloweens — including Curious George).  I bought a few items second hand from Goodwill.  Mostly the pants and one white shirt.  I sewed up everyone a vest, and found the rest of the items in our closets. I also bought lots of shiny silver buttons to sew on to everyone’s vest.   Pair all that with lots of belts, some swords and a little painted on facial hair and we were golden.

We won the “Scariest Costume” award at our Church Party.  The kids loved running around sword fighting happily as they collected their pirate booty. It was a real fun night for all of us.  We don’t always dress up as a family for Halloween, but when we do it’s always magical!  You read more about this costume on my blog…