This Captain Jack Sparrow costume was my funnest ever costume! I made the whole outfit from thrift store finds except for the compass which was bought from a toy store then I repainted it to look more authentic. I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours on line researching for this and by the time Halloween came around I had his character down pat. Being female I had to get the facial hair down to an art to make sure I didn’t look like a girl with a fake mustache and I think it worked.

I found an old human hair wig, cut and painstakingly glued about 10 hairs at a time on with eyelash glue then trimmed it as one would trim a real mustache. I also added hair to my eyebrows, Captain Jack does not tweeze his brows. I would say it worked quite well as I had girls chasing me all over town thinking I was a guy!

The hair was a combination of a long haired wig with different colored dreadlocks that I made and sewed onto the wig. I hand painted the scarves (the one for his head and the one wrapped at his waist). I dirtied everything up using tea baths and watered down brown craft paint. This actually was my 2011 outfit and people are still talking about it this year and when people find out who I was they are still showing me pictures of me on their cell phones from a year ago!

I love this outfit and seriously had a hard time not wearing it again this year but the crafter in me had to make a new one. It is on here also, I am Madame Butterfly this year!