Cheap Homemade Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Drink Up Me Hearties YO-HO!

This Captain Jack Sparrow costume was one of my best costumes I have ever made, and the best part was everything (except for three items) was acquired from Goodwill. That’s right, all the pieces you see here I got from Goodwill, and that means that it all comes down to how you want it to look.

Roughly we spent around 35 Dollars for the whole costume, but here is some materials you can use as a guide.

  • Brown pants
  • Blue Capris
  • A White Blouse
  • A Blue Button-down shirt
  • A Red and White striped sheet
  • A Red Scarf
  • A Brown Scarf
  • Leather Belts
  • A Macrame Belt
  • Boots
  • A Wig
  • Beads
  • String
  • Wooden Chopstick
  • Fake Jewlery (necklaces, rings, ect.)

And the only pieces we didn’t buy at Goodwill but at a Halloween Store

  • Crepe Hair (fake hair) and Spirtgum
  • Black Makeup

We bought this to apply to the face for the beard and mustache and the make up for around the eyes.

Lets start with the head piece shall we.

This was the piece that took the longest. It is made out of a Latex Monkey Halloween Mask we had found. It covered the entire head and had this brown crazy synthetic hair. So what we did was cut the latex mask out and now we had a large wig. Then we found a red scarf that we cut and folded into a bandanna and wrapped it around the wig and attached it with bobby pins. After that we braided sections of the hair to make Jack Sparrow’s various dreadlocks. At the ends of the dreads we took the scraps from the red scarf and tied off the ends.

On certain dreads we took beads and fake jewelry and weaved it into certain places. To get a version we liked we followed pictures online of Jack Sparrow’s head dress because frankly there are tons of different styles and many different ways to do it.

For the strand of beads that lays on the top of the bandanna  we again strung various beads with a clear piece of string and tied it to the wig to make it stay. Also we attached the string and wooden chopstick to hang from the right side of the head to match what he wore in the film.

Around the eyes is where we filled in with black eye makeup because apparently Pirates do that sort of thing, but it really adds to it in the end.

Next the beard and mustache. If you grow your own great! Skip this step. If not we simply applied spirit gum to the face in the places we were going to apply hair.

However, Jack Sparrow has two strands of braided hair coming from his beard. This is normally referred to as a Fu Manchu. For this we cut pieces from the wig (because it would match a lot better) braided it and inserted a bead in each one. Then we attached it to the face with spirit gum.

The next steps that follow are fairly easy if you find the right look for what you are trying to achieve. These required very little modification.

So here are a few tips:

The white blouse should be large and baggy. This will provide a puffy look to it and will closely resemble Jack Sparrow’s Pirate shirt.

The Blue button down shirt will go over this shirt and should be very long. This should extend below the waist.

Next, the blue capris should go to about your shins, but if you’re keeping your boots on they will simply be tucked inside.

Here is where the brown pants come in handy. The thing about pirates is they are usually wearing boot covers and since I am not a pirate, I decided it would be simpler to take a pair of brown pants and cut the legs off. Then I turned the pant leg inside out and put it on over the capris. Then I stepped inside the boots and rolled the brown pant leg down. Now the outside of the brown pants will show and extend over the laces of the boot. This provides the look of boot covers!

Next we took the red and white sheet and wrapped it around the waist a few times. Again, depending on how you want it to look you can determine how much you need. We wrapped it around twice and tied it off with one end higher than the other. On top of that we put 3 belts on wrapped around the waist for detail.

Jack also wears a black belt over his shoulder and over his chest. You can add this to make it more accurate to Jack Sparrow, or if you prefer you can leave it out.

On the hands, you can wear various rings on any or all fingers. We also cut the brown scarf and tied it to the ring finger and the thumb covering my right palm. On the same hand we took the macrame belt and wrapped it around my wrist. The ends dangled off perfectly on their own, providing some realism.

Overall we had a lot of fun making this costume, and even better because whether you want to follow the movie or not, you can be as creative as you’d like!

Now, to imitate the voice and mannerisms that is a whole other tutorial.


Cheap Homemade Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Cheap Homemade Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Cheap Homemade Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Cheap Homemade Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Cheap Homemade Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Cheap Homemade Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Cheap Homemade Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

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