It’s a priate’s life for me! There is no more iconic character than Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow. This Jack Sparrow costume took some time and a lot of studying to make the character come alive in the most authentic way possible. My husband is a stickler for detail and I’m the costume designer, together I think we did it. He has worn it 3 different years now and each year came with some improvements, but he always had a great response and a good time getting into character.  He even won a local costume contest one year.

It started with the basics gray pants, cut just below the knee, a blue peacoat (reused from our own closet and embelished quite a bit with sleeves and buttons), a billowy white shirt (found at the local thrift shop), a basic black rock star wig, scarves adn belts.  Then the real work begins everything needed more detail. I dyed the shirt using tea to give it that yellowing old effect.  The wig was probably the biggest challenge, but it looked way better than any store bought we saw. I bought several wooden beads, a chopstick (for a bone) and a copper coin looking charm. Then it was several hours of braiding, and beading. I cut a piece of the original wig to make the beard.