Every year my friends and I do a group costume. We’re all in-shape, have creative spirits, and all commit to a theme even when it leaves some of us looking a little silly or hidden (as with last year when I ended up the Orko in our Masters of the Universe group because I one of the pocket-sized friends). Last year was such a hit, it seemed fitting that this year we dress as the 80’s cartoon Thundercats! We each helped one another in a variety of ways. Wilykat and Cheetara did most of the sewing. Lion-O made the wigs and with the help of Tygra did the makeup. Wilykit and Panthro did the props and spikes with a lot duct taping and hot gluing. And Snarf… supplied the camera so we could take pictures.

On the night of Halloween we all met at Tygra and Wilykat’s apartment and got the last minute finishing touches of our costumes together. Getting ready was so fun and intense we have since described it as like being on the final episode of Project Runway: We were pinning back hems, fitting into our wigs, getting our makeup done, and having a photoshoot in the garage before running out the door with not a second to spare.

When walking down Santa Monica Blvd during West Hollywood Halloween Parade, any time a person in the parade said “Thundercats”, we’d all respond by shouting “HO!!!” which usually got a lot of smiles and laughs and even more requests for pictures. It’s definitely a crowd pleasing costume. A word of warning: when dressed as a humanoid cat with your close friends, be wary as you’ll find yourself emboldened by an animalistic-like pride. So much so that when a drunken DJ Lance starts throwing insults at your lady-cat friends, you may be unable to resist need to fight them. Resist this urge as violence is only to be used against Mumm-Ra and the Mutants and only on Third Earth.