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Coolest Thundercats Group Costume

This past Halloween my brother (Tygra), cousin (Panthro), and I (Lion-O) wanted to be something from our childhood. It didn’t take long to come up with the idea of a Thundercats Group Costume. In fact, we decided to do Thundercats on the way home from the bar the year before on Halloween. It was then we knew this had to be epic, and we could only trust those who had the same passion for the characters as we did. After which we picked out the rest of our crew which included our friends.

From that point on we each spent quite some time at Jo-Ann Fabric buying all material needed to make our greatest costumes to date. Making these costumes was easier than I thought yet very tedious. I assure you that everything you see in the photos is homemade, we had a great Halloween and everyone at the bar enjoyed our costumes. I believe you will as well. Good luck finding better than this.

Coolest Thundercats Group Costume

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