I am a child of 1980’s cartoons. Back when G.I. JOE gave you the inspiring “knowing is half the battle” words of wisdom.  Back when the Autobots were more than just six robots.  Back when a tree in your backyard became the Black Lion from Voltron!  Yea those were the days.

One of my favorite cartoons from the 1980’s was THUNDERCATS!  This year I decided to dedicate my Halloween costume to my favorite character, Lion-O.  My grandmother can sew and helped with the costume design.  We used web images and a twelve inch Lion-O figurine to help with the design.   For the top, we used a square cut tank top undershirt as the pattern for the top half of the costume.

I used an martial arts forearm pad to make the claw shield.  This was PERFECT because the sword fit perfectly in the claw shield.  I used Velcro to attach the claw shield to the belt to make it rest on the side of my leg, just like Lion-O.

The most challenging part was the wig.  I purchased a lace front and had to watch an online video on how to “TEASE” hair.  I teased the crap out of the wig until I achieved the final result.

Everyone loved my costume.  For most, it was a refreshing blast from the past. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Lion-O is definitely my hero!