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Coolest Thundercats Couple Costume

Thundercats, hooo! – Liono and Cheetara Thundercats Couple Costume!

This year, for Halloween my boyfriend Jason and I were brainstorming couple’s costume ideas. When Jason suggested that we be Thundercats, I ran with it!

For the Cheetara costume I used an orange one piece bathing suit that had the exact same neckline shape as the character’s. I hand sewed a Thundercats’ symbol patch to the front of the bathing suit. I then took a yellow long sleeve shirt from a thrift store and cut off one of the sleeves to attach to my bathing suit.

For Cheetara’s staff (weapon), I took a wooden flag pole and removed the little parts that hold the flag and then I spray painted it yellow. I found a pair of white bangle bracelets in a thrift store.

For the arm cuff I took a piece of orange felt and cut it into the right shape and used velcro as a closer. I also used a piece of yellow fabric that I had to attach as the part that holds Cheetara’s staff on the arm band. I took a pair of $2 white gloves from a craft store and glued curvy white fake finger nails that Jason filed into points to be claws.

I used black Halloween makeup and later a black sharpie to do the spots on Cheetara’s arm and neck. For the face I used orange face-paint and a little paint brush and black eyeliner. We also wore contacts that were in the shape of cat eyes.

For the wig, I took a blonde teased mullet type wig and added spots to it. To do this, I cut out little dot shapes out of paper to use as cheetah spot stencils and used a can of Halloween temporary black hair spray paint to create the effect of the wig having the cheetah spots.

For Lion-o We found a wig with hair that sticks up in the air and sprayed it red with two cans of the Halloween hair color spray. We took a blue t-shirt and cut it to the desired shape (cut sleeves off, and cut a circle shape around the stomach area) and trimmed the edges with light blue bias tape. The sleeves that we cut off became the straps on the top that go over the shoulder.

For the belt, I took some blue felt and the shape that I wanted and cut it out. I then hot glued the belt together attaching the Thundercats symbol to a piece of white felt and then to the blue. To finish the belt off, I took some buttons and painted them a goldish-brown color and hand sewed them to the belt to give the exact look of Liono’s belt.

For Liono’s boots, we made shoe covers that were cut out of felt into a boot shape like Liono’s and sewn together and attached in back with velcro. For the trim, we used white bias tape to give the right look for Lion-o’s boots. For the claw, I used a hot glue gun and some golden lion colored fur. I added some red jewel-like buttons to the knuckles of the claw to finish the look.

We are really proud of how our Thundercats Couple Costume came out and it was a lot of fun wearing them.

Coolest Thundercats Couple Costume 7

Coolest Thundercats Couple Costume 7

Coolest Thundercats Couple Costume 7

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