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Cool Thundercats Group Costume

Last year one of my best friend’s, my girlfriend and I decided to do a group costume. After shooting ideas back and forth for a couple weeks, we decided on the Thundercats Group Costume.

I was responsible for making the Lion-O and Cheetara costumes. So after studying some pictures from the internet, and some old VHS tapes, we got started. The two costumes I made were a combination of modified and dyed work out clothes, fabric for the accessories, and spray painted household items. My friend who made the Tygra costume combined long johns and some sewing skills to make his costume. When we arrived at the Halloween party, we discovered that one of our friend’s learned of our idea and secretly made a Mumra costume. That was a pretty awesome surprise.

And FYI, Lion-O’s hair is not a wig.

 Thundercats Group Costume

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8 thoughts on “Cool Thundercats Group Costume”

  1. I’m not sure why that would sadden anyone – that’s an awesome idea and I think you guys executed it well.

    Thunder-, thunder-, thundercats – ho!!


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